8th China Fiber Art « From Lausanne to Beijing »

China Fiber Art

Je participe à l’exposition collective « From Lausanne to Beijing », 8th Internationnale Fiber Art Biennale, à Nantong en Chine.

“…Since 2000, “From Lausanne to Beijing” international fiber art exhibition has been held for 7 sessions which has come through 14 years. It has gradually become an international well-known brand with a development pattern of popularization, socialization and internationalization…

…There are 655 pieces of artwork applying for the 8th  Biennale (including 363 works from China and  292 works from other countries).  186 pieces of artwork were admitted into the ‘From Lausanne to Beijing’ 8th International Fiber Art Biennale Exhibition(including 75 works form China and  111 works from other countries. In 2014, with the invitation of the Nantong government, the 8th biennale will still be held in 1895 creative cultural industry park in Nantong City…”


Du 30 septembre au 16 décembre 2014.

Un catalogue d’exposition sera publié par l’Academy of Arts & design


Contemporary fiber art has stepped into a new stage after 10 years of development in china. It has become the world’s largest fiber art and a famous academic brand with a development pattern of popularization, socialization and internationalization. The symposium held in this year is aiming at sharing the development process and academic achievements of ‘From Lausanne to Beijing’ International Fiber Art Exhibition as well as promoting international communication and popularization of fiber art and enhancethe development of theinformation industry. It can also provide an opportunity to demonstrate a new field of vision that is found and shared by the international field of fiber art.
The 8th‘From Lausanne to Beijing’ International Symposium is funded by China association for science and technology academic exchange programs. The Seminar will bring together the academic fruits and publish research papers.


September 28-29, 2014.
Wuzhen, Tongxiang city, Zhejiang Province, China


Hosted by:
Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University
Culture bureau of Tongxiang
Fiber Art Committee, China Arts & Crafts Association
Fiber art institute of China National Academy of Painting


Wu Limin
President, Culture bureau of Tongxiang


Ni Yuehong
Vice President, Professor, Beijing film academy
Vice President, Secretary-General, Fiber Art Committee
China Arts & Crafts Association
Fang Xiaofeng
The chief editor,Chinese decoration magazine
Professor, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University


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