A l’occasion du congrès de IAPMA, l’oeuvre papier d’Aïdée Bernard, “Lien”, sera exposée au musée du washi à Toyota au Japon, du 7 septembre au 17 octobre 2021.



Event Dates

The congress takes place from October 07, 2021 until October 10, 2021.


APPROACH: Create A Bright Future Through Paper

New Congress dates

Virtual SATURDAYS: September 18, 25, & October 2, 2021

LIVE from Toyota, Japan: October 7 – 10, 2021

In a series of online lectures and demonstrations, the IAPMA Congress will explore the essence of paper and contemporary paper art through the lens of change and future orientation. Organized into three thematic days — Community, Art & Adaptation, and Global Approach to Craft — online presenters will explore paper art as a means of community building and resilience, reveal personal explorations and adaptations with the medium of paper and paper pulp, and share culturally diverse experiences of the craft and art of handmade paper today.

While it is not possible to participate in person at the Paper Toyota festival in Toyota, Japan, events such as the opening and closing ceremonies, member exhibitions, and some workshops will be LIVE broadcast via Zoom and Facebook during October 7-10.

PAPER TOYOTA 2020 festival websitehttp://papertoyota2020.jp/


The location of the Congress is the central area of Toyota city and Obara in the mountainous surroundings of Toyota City, Japan.

PAPER TOYOTA 2020 Executive Committee, Toyota City Obara Paper Art Museum Washi no Furusato, and Toyota Obara Washi Kougei Association.

The Congress will be held jointly with PAPER TOYOTA 2020, an international paper forum hosted by Toyota City in September-November 2021.