Catalogue d’exposition Art Paper fest

Art paper

Participation à la Biennale du papier 2013 « Paper Art fest » à Sofia en Bulgarie, avec “L’ombre de la lumière – Art papier”

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We take pleasure in presenting the concept of the third edition of Sofia Paper Art Fest, founded by the AMATERAS FOUNDATION, with many highlights, to be held from 24 April to 2 June.

The third edition of the Fest will meet the Sofia public with many eagerly anticipated events. During the two previous years the project was ranked by cultural observers as one of the most interesting art forums, aspiring to become a traditional and emblematic event in Sofia’s candidature for European Capital of Culture.

The Fest is the only one of its kind in Europe, as recognized by foreign specialised editions on contemporary art and culture in a number of other countries. It is multidimensional and allows the coexistence of tradition and innovation, classical style and experiment, challenge and high achievements. Its broad environmentally-oriented democratic platform makes it a forum for the expression of multinational, multifarious, individual and group manifestations, regardless of religion, social status, race or age. The project sends humane, ecological, social and spiritual messages to contemporary society and its problems. Inspiration, creativity and enthusiasm are in harmony with high professionalism, new achievements of human civilisation and ancient traditions from all over the world.

In 2013 too, the most representative section will be the Biennial of Paper Art. In 2011 it presented exhibitions by 120 authors from 30 counties in over 10 galleries and museums. The displayed works called forth incredible interest and the expectations for the second edition are now even greater. The exhibitions will be arranged on a national or regional principle, aiming to show the different trends in given geographic regions or countries. The main objective of the Biennial in 2013 is to present the enormous diversity of authors from across the world and to unite human differences through art. We are all children of our blue planet and its gifts allow us to express our need to create beauty and harmony. Most important are the messages for unity and balance in the global picture of human relationships, where racial and religious differences disappear through art and make us better persons. Paper art is one of the greatest discoveries of mankind and it is our memory, it seals all our thoughts and dreams, it is alive and wise, inspiring us towards creativity and openness.

The presentation of an individual country as a solo exhibition places a special emphasis on the displayed works and tradition and focuses on the trends in contemporary art in that country. The exhibitions representing entire geographical regions and featuring authors from different countries have a global purpose that goes beyond the characteristics of each individual country. This is particularly true of the countries in Europe, which have exchanged artists for years. The countries from the Far East, as the creators of this tradition, have their own distinctive style that is vividly expressed through this art. There are counties for which this is an almost unknown tradition, but there are many authors who achieve this art in their own personal way and see it in the light of their own culture. All these possible exhibitions are pieces of the world map of art paper , which seals people’s deep-seated striving for unity and sends messages to the whole of humanity for construction and harmony.

The structure of the 2013 Fest held from 24 April to 2 June is:
– AMATERAS Annual Paper Art Exhibition/competition
– Sofia Paper Art Biennial
– Art Paper Academy
– Paper Theatre
– Multimedia and Cinema – new department
– Ancillary Activities: uniting all Paper Art Fest events, organized in the galleries and open spaces in Sofia: – main accent will be THE PAPER STREET during the European Night of Museums, workshops, demonstrations of different paper techniques, competitions, lectures, presentation of foreign artists etc.