Exposition d’Art Papier “Origines et destinations” du 1er Jullet au 15 aout 2021 à l’Académie du papier au Danemark.


Eliana Anghinah, May Babcock, Angela Barbour, Imke Beek, Aidée Bernard, Kathrin Biffi, Eszter Bornemisza, Anita Brendgens, Ulrike Buck, Jocelyn Châteauvert, Viviane Colautti Ivanova, Aline Dalgleish, Alexandra Deutsch, Park Eunsoo, EH Fekken, Michel Gautier, Hazel Glass, Gundel Hädeler, Hong Yun H, Inci Kansu, Punika Kharas, Eva Kipp, Elizabeth Mackie, Marie Claire Meier, Ruth Moro, Siegrid Müller-Holtz, Metka Pepelnak, Hilda Piedrahita, Elly Prestegard, Jytte Rasmussen, Gerda Ritzmann, Priscilla Robinson, Heike Schaefer, Lilo Schaer, Wilhelm Schramm, May-Lucy Süess, Minnamarina Tammi, Daniela Todorova, Miroslawa Truchta-Nowicka, Helene Tschacher, Pierrette Vergne, Anne Vilsbøll, Lennie Vorttman, Nane Wenhammar, Angelika Wolpert

Opening Hours

Grand opening July 03, 2021 at 4 pm
Grand opening speech between 5 – 7 pm

Thursday to Saturday from 2 – 5 pm or by appointment.


The Paper Academy,
Stæremosen 8,
3250 Gilleleje

More Information

IAPMA is the world’s leading organization for paper artists, currently numbering 561 members from 44 countries. The association was founded in connection with the very first paper biennial in the world at the Leopold-Hoesch Museum in Düren, Germany, in 1986. At that time paper as an art medium was far less well known than it is today. While the handmade paper history and production is one facet of the association’s activities, the central focus is the handmade paper as an art form and contemporary artistic medium.
This year the association has a coral jubilee, which is celebrated with exhibitions in Australia, Denmark, China and  Spain. 46 artists from 20 countries will show their works.

Enjoy a unique musical experience with saxophonist Thomas Agergaard and cellist Tobias van der Pals.

Nicole Donnelly (IAPMA President), Angela Barbour (IAPMA Exhibition Coordinator) and Anne Vilsbøll (former Editor and President of IAPMA and Founder of the Paper Academy)

Further information:
See IAPMA Press Release as download below and